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About us


Koulehae ("At Home") saving and credit (SACCO) is a registered Non Profit Cooperative that is registered as per South African Companies Act 71 of 2008. The nature of the cooperative is to serve its members by providing goods and services at a reasonable cost. Cost of having a bank account and savings on the bank account is determined by few profit making individuals that profit from the community at large. 


Koulehae SACCO was establish to assist people who are charged ernomous bank fees for saving their hard earned money and to be able to securely save money without any service fees on the savings. What is more important is that the Life Saving Membership that Koulehae SACCO enable you to grow your money during the period the money is saved. 


Koulehae SACCO is not owned by one individual but have office bearers that assist all its membersto have a smooth administrative and management structure. Our office bearer assist you as the member in order have access into your membership portal.


To JOIN  Koulehae SACCO is a yearly membership of R150.00 plus Buy shares for R350.00  Total R500.00  to Join


KOULEHAE SAVINGS MEMBERSHIP  R1,041.66 per month for 24 months. Payout R50,000.00...






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We are a growing SACCO that ensures that all savings are shared amongt our members and generate sustainbility in our lives...



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